Kim Winkler is an artist, born in Germany, who lived for a long time in New York City and currently in Braunschweig/Germany but returns also to New York and Offenbach am Main.

Her interest is in capturing the moments of people and situation to create and reflect  this mostly in oil paint in figurative or abstract manner. Also her photographs are influenced by this way of seeing. Her photographs shows the little daily and special situations that make life so interesting. In her photographs you can find her love to the world in all the little and fine details.



She started her career as a stage designer since 1981 and later, after studying engineering for theater and event technology in Berlin (1990-1994), in various theaters in Germany. Most recently, she worked as Technical Director since 1994 in the Theater Rüsselsheim. She studied from 1982-1984 at the Städelschule in Frankfurt fine arts by Bernd Jäger. Later in New York she studied with famous artits like Pat Lipsky, Frank O’Cain and Mary Beth McKenzie. In Braunschweig at the HBK she studied with Lars Eckert at the HBK.

She has always dedicated her whole life to the theater and the arts.  Currently she lives and works at the Staatstheater in Braunschweig (Brunswick) Lower Saxony in Germany and every year she returns to New York to continue her studies with the Fine Arts. Since 2018 is she also working in her own studio in Braunschweig will have different exhibitions in Braunschweig and Paris next year 2019.


2018 - Solo show in Braunschweig at Simones Soap Manufactory from October 13 to january 13

2018 - Slide Show of the “Püppis” during the solo piano concert from Cooper-Moore in New York on May 28. at the

Roulette Brooklyn Vision Jazz Festival 23 New York

2018 - Solo Show “Menschen In New York” at the Varieté Staatstheater Braunschweig 24. Januar bis 24. April 2018

2016          - Open studios at the the HBK Hochschule für Bildene Künste Braunschweig in July 13 to July 17 2016

2016         - Group show with Braunschweiger artists in FreiRaum 5-7 im Handeslhof 5-7 in 38100 Braunschweig

2015         - Solo Show in Paris Galerie Espace Le Marais 15, Rue Elzevir 75003 Paris, Métro Saint-Paul with the "Püppis" and abstract


2015         - March Solo Show in "SuperFine"  in  New York Brooklyn Dumbo 126 Front Street New York 11201 with the series "Püppis"

2015         - March Group show with abstract acrylic paintings and with the award of the „Blue Dot“ at the

                    Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery in Manhattan New York

2015           - February Group show with abstract acrylic paintings and with the award of the „Blue Dot“ at the

                    Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery in Manhattan New York

2014         - Group Show „In the Garden“ in Brooklyn with the Flatbush Artists

2012         - Solo show with abstract and figurative oil paintings at Mitch Gallery in Rüsselsheim in Germany

2009        - Solo show with abstrakt and figurative oil paintings at the own studio being part of the Fine Arts Views of the city

                    Offenbach/Main in Germany

2006        - Solo show with abstrakt oil paintings at Wallnuss Gallery in Frankfurt/Main in Germany

1989         - Solo show with abstract watercolors at Kafka Gallery in Frankfurt /Main in Germany

1987         - Solo show with abstract watercolors at Moskito Gallery in Stockstadt in Germany

1981          - Group show with abstract watercolors at  Staatstheater Art Fair in Darmstadt in Germany



- Member (selected) of the Kunstansichten (Fine Art Views)  Offenbach 2009 

- Member (selected) of the Artists in Flatbush Brooklyn since June 2014 

- Member (selected) of the BROOKLYN ART PROJECT since September 2014 with international recognized artists

- Member of the BRIC Contemporary Art in Brooklyn since October 2014

Kim Winkler

Kim Winkler